Do you feel like you need to drink or use drugs to have a good time? Have you increased your amount of alcohol or drugs to get the same effect as before? Have you changed substances to try to help you break the cycle of drinking or using? Have you drank or used to help you recover from drinking or using? Have your relationships suffered because of your drug or alcohol use? Have you missed important events or commitments because of your usage?

I have extensive educational, professional, family, and, finally, personal experience with substance abuse issues. It is important that you see someone who knows personally what recovery means. I have 22 years in recovery. I feel very strongly that everyone, whether involved in substance abuse or not, regardless of their issue, is on their own personal path of recovery.


Everything happens for a reason. In His love for us, God has an individual plan to move each of us along that path. I consider it a blessing to have had something in my life that gave me a very clear choice about that path, and I feel that anyone in bondage to substance abuse can make the same choices and experience the same success I did. I also feel strongly that to overcome substance abuse, it takes a Power outside of us, greater than ourselves. God’s supernatural power is yours for the asking, but we still have the responsibility to do the work. It isn’t easy, but anyone that truly commits to do the work will experience success. I am able to help you harness that power. If I did it, you can, too!


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